Solar, Design and Development

We provide turnkey solutions from design to installation to grid connection.

​Residential:  Reduce your home energy bills and your carbon footprint.

Commercial:  Improve your bottom line by greatly reducing your operating costs, allowing you the freedom to reinvest savings into growth activities.

Government:  ​By investing in solar PV systems, government facilities reduce operating costs, diversify their power sources, reduce their environmental impact, and create budgetary savings for more efficient productivity.

LED Lighting

We can replace your old incandescents, metal halides, and fluorescent lighting with LEDs to improve light quality, save big on your energy bills, and greatly reduce the amount of electricity you use.  It's good for your budget and the environment.  In most cases, LED solutions pay for themselves in just two years.

Holistic Energy Solutions

We are also part of BEA Energy House.  Our team of professionals can evaluate the energy efficiency of your entire home or building and provide smart solutions to maximize comfort and energy conservation.  A wide range of solutions from insulation to windows to energy saving equipment to clean power generation to smart monitoring, or any combination thereof, can work together to give you a more comfortable, safer, and more efficient environment in which to live or work. Start with a  free energy review.

Via Energy House: New Build, Retrofitting, Net ZERO​

All incentives apply for Solar Four ( legal name solar4Leesburg LLC) dba SOLARFOUR LLC

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